To preserve the proficiency of responders of Tensas Parish Fire Protection District #1, continuous education plays a major role.  The Training Division provides this through monthly company training and drills as well as specialized classes.  Classes consist of officer training, fire fighting fundamentals training, driver training, rescue training, hazardous materials training, and emergency medical responder training.  All of this training is necessary for responders to retain the knowledge needed to complete their duties and remain safe in the process.

The Training Divison is under the direction of the Fire Chief and the Assistant Chief of Training.  They plan and direct all of the training efforts of the department, including needs assessment, curriculum development, scheduling, and records management.  The Assistant Chief of Training is responsible for managing the wide range of training-related documents, reports, and records necessary for maintaining required certifications for the department's emergency response personnel.

Along with interdepartmental training, Tensas Parish Fire District utilizes the regional municipal training provided by LSU Carrol L. Herring Fire & Emergency Training Institute for classroom training, and for access to mobile props for rescue, live fire burns, and other hands-on training.


2020 Training Schedule


Wednesday, February 26

Grain Bin Rescue Training

Meal at 5:30, Classroom at 6:00 (1 hour) with practical after

Approximately 3 hours 

Tensas Parish Community Center

***Recommended for all volunteers, farmers, ag workers, etc.

***Firefighters will need their gear for this class.

***You will need to RSVP for this class.

Monday, March 16

Modern Fire Attack

6:00 PM (4 Hours)

Training Center

***This class is a prerequisite for the Modern Fire Attack PROP class.

Tuesday, March 17

Modern Fire Attack - Lined PROP

6:00 PM (4 Hours)

Training Center

***This is a Live Fire Burn Prop, and requires full turnout gear and SCBA for particpation inside the prop.